Saturday, November 7, 2009


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is going to be a graphic novel!!! It is going to be released on May 4, 2010 and I am soooooooo freaking excited!!

I have been giggling since I found out!!! So very much going to have to get that one because I know seeing the fight with Lady Catherine and Lizzy will be wonderful! :D

Darcy's Passions - Regina Jeffers

Witty and amusing, this novel captures the original style, themes and sardonic humor of Jane Austen’s novel while turning the entire story on its head in a most engaging and entertaining fashion. Darcy’s Passions tells the story of Fitzwilliam Darcy and his obsession with the most impossible woman—Elizabeth Bennet. It presents Darcy as a man in turmoil. His duty to his family and his estate demand he choose a woman of refined tastes. Yet, what his mind tells him to do and what his heart knows to be true are two different things. He loves a woman he first denies for being unworthy, but it is he who is found wanting when Elizabeth Bennet refuses his proposal of marriage. Devastated, he must search his soul and transform himself into the man she can love and respect.Fitzwilliam Darcy in the original Pride and Prejudice is a major “minor” character. He is the hero of the tale, but the reader never really knows how he creates the changes we accept as part of his personality. This book tells how Darcy found the way within himself to become the hero, and not the villain, of this beloved tale.
This is yet another P&P variation I added to my collection and another I enjoyed. The author had a way of getting Austen's language right and bring me into the story so you can see things from Mr. Darcy's view.
My one complaint with the book was a quote from Captain Wentworth - used when Mr. Darcy is speaking with his cousin Col. Fitzwilliam after the Hunsford proposal...the quote was essentially stating that "anyone between 13 and 30" blah blah blah "I have thought on this more than most." So as this is my one true complaint I do recommend reading it.
The author has a sequal to this called Darcy's Temptation where Mr. Darcy looses his memory - not sure I have the heart for that one, but I am sitting on pins and needles until I am in funds and can get her books for Captain Wentworth! Mmmm...Persuasion from his P.O.V. gonna be good!!!
Get this book - Def next Jeffer's book on this block will be Vampire Darcy's Desire!!! *purrr* can't wait!