Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perfect fit - Linda Wells

Billionare William Darcy is burdened with maintaining his family's legacy following the tragic deaths of his parents, must also attempt to restore his young sister's spirit after becoming a victim of internet luring by a former family friend. Elizabeth Bennet is a popular author of young adult mystery novels, written as a way of escaping first the behavior, and then the memory of a dominating former lover. These two lonely people meet at a wedding, over a broken shoe, and learn that once upon a time can lead to a happy ending.
Ok this is one of those books that as soon as I was done reading it I sat down and reread it again. I loved it. It is very low angst but the story is very well written and flows wonderfully. Not going to blather on and on about this one but limit myself to say in the world of Jane Austen Fan Fiction, I am a HUGE Linda Wells fan and look forward to her next book with anticipation and highly recommend this and the others!

Really Angelic - Enid Wilson

In pride and prejudice, Jane Austen mentions angelse several times. What if there were real angels inhabiting England then? In this spicy tale of Austen's historical novel, the romance of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet takes on a bumpy paranormal twist. Challenged by the intervention of demons, dieties, can our favorite couple find the strength to forge their love? Will Darcy and Elizabeth overcome pride as well as prejudice, and find each other?
So I have to say that I loved this book. I was laughing so many times and as well as just enjoying the book.
I loved how both Caroline and Wickham both ended up loonier than a looney toon - his more in part because he was no longer a temptation angel...for Anne and Lydia! And I never would have thought of our dear Rev Collins hosting a demon. ;p Which lead to a truly humorous vanquishment of said demon - but leaves the question - what virginal fluids did Lizzy have to get from her nephew? *grins*
I did enjoy the idea of Lizzy being Mr. Darcy's guardian angel and how she came to be "fallen/lost" as well as Wickham's angel name (that was beyond a hoot and a half). But the relationship with Darcy and Lizzy was definately spicy - mmm library mmm - but also very very sweet.
Well done Enid - another one I am glad that I bought and will definately recommend because I enjoyed it so much! :D Thank you for the experience.

Fate and Consequences - Linda Wells

In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy fails to inform the populace of Meryton about the danger posed by having a rake such as George Wickham living in their midst. This was done to protect the reputation of his beloved sister; a sister he fortunately prevented from eloping with the man. This failure leads to heartache for him and the family of the woman he loved. In Fate and Consequences, Georgiana Darcy does leave with George Wickham to elope. Darcy finds her in time to prevent the wedding, but not in time to stop the news of her ruin from spreading. Now a humbled man, he must try to find his and his sister's place in society. A twist of fate introduces him at his darkest hour to the woman he otherwise might have resisted loving, and who helps him restore his sister, and his wouded soul.

So this is the second book that I have read by Linda Wells and I am loving her work. The standard characters who are villians are not so much in this book. The general theme is how are relationships effected by a scandal.

The Bennets: The Bennet family has a long missing aunt (Mr. Bennet's sister) due to a pregnancy...Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's reason for marriage is explained. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are welcoming and have a great relationship with Mr. Darcy. In fact my absolute favorite part is when Lady Catherine comes to Longbourn to berate Lizzy, it is in fact Mrs. Bennet who gets into the fray with Lady Catherine...I LOVED it! Lydia doesn't elope with George at all which is wonderful and Mary ends up with Col. Richard Fitzwilliam :D

The Bingley's: I enjoyed Charles in this book more than in Chance Encounters...he is a "playboy" and immature but he has more backbone that the previous story. Mr. and Mrs. Hurst are entirely supportive of Charles and in fact Mr. Hurst has a good part in the story and it is explained that he pretends to sleep and be drunk in order to gain peace from Caroline and gain information due to her disregard of him. Caroline is relatively sedate in this book...she attempts to cause a compromise with Darcy and is truly dismissed and fades into obscurity due to her behavior.

The Lucas': Sir William is a flake as always. Lady Lucas is trying desperately to get Lizzy to marry her son John. Charlotte is so worried about her place in the house and her future she sacrifices her friendship with Lizzy to push the match with John Lucas. John Lucas comes home from his grand tour and assumes that because he's interested in Lizzy she'll fall at his feet - he makes several poor choices including listening to Wickham to ruin Darcy in Lizzy's eyes and gain her favor. He does learn his lesson in the end and comes to a better understanding of what a good man Fitzwilliam Darcy is. But he is the main protagonist in Meryton.

Darcy and Lizzy: Darcy sees Lizzy for the first time the morning after saving Georgiana from Wickham at the inn in Meryton when her bonnet is snatched off her head by a donkey and he is enchanted when she starts to laugh and fuss at the donkey. He later sees her again when they are exiting and she gives Georgiana a hankerchief. This is the catalyst that starts a correspondance and a development of a friendship and later relationship. Mr. Darcy is determined to marry for love now that he's found Lizzy and society can be damned, he won't suffer a marriage of convenience bec he saw how unhappy his own parents were. Darcy and Lizzy face the typical strictures of society together and grow stronger through their battle of wills with John Lucas/Lady Catherine and physical confrontation with George Wickham.

It is a very good story and I highly recommend her Linda's work.