Monday, September 28, 2009

The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy

A sexy, bold adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that re-paints favorite characters in twenty-first century colors
Judge Fitzwilliam Darcy, a legal expert on both sides of the Atlantic, is ready to hang up his black robe and return to the life of a country gentleman—until he meets Elizabeth Bennet, a fresh-faced attorney with a hectic schedule and no time for the sexy but haughty judge.
Tempers and sparks fly in Judge Darcy's courtroom— and outside, in a series of chance encounters that give each of them pause—as the two match wits and try to fight their overwhelming attraction. When they meet up in England at an international law conference, they embark on a hot, heavy affair. Back in the States, though, ethical considerations intrude, and each is subjected to a torturous period of soul-searching before they can find their way back to each other...

Oh where to begin, first off I LOVED THIS BOOK! I am so very glad that I went out and bought it as punishment to Captain Useless for not informing me of his family coming over until he started cleaning forcing me to was a fast read and I couldn't put it down. I will admit there are some dry parts but overall I have to give this book an honest 4/5. So good I even feel compelled to email the author and rave about it to her.

Honestly the book follows the story of P&P fairly well with specific deviations. Jane and Charles are not separated by Darcy. Wickham NEVER comes into the picture (which is refreshing). The characters that are in the book are very well developed and the story is oh so very good.

I highly recommend purchasing this book!!!! Loved it! *giddily clapping hands and boucing up and down* Loved it!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Abigail Reynolds

Abigail Reynolds has done a series of Pride and Prejudice variations and I have had the fortune to read several. Of the variations that I have read these are the ones that I have enjoyed and would definately buy...

By Force of Instinct - In Jane Austen's classic Pride & Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet never expects to see Mr. Darcy again after his disastrous proposal in Hunsford. But what if family business required him to stay at Rosings after giving her his letter? Coming face to face with Mr. Darcy only days later could give Elizabeth a new chance to understand him... or a chance for even more misunderstandings. THE PEMBERLEY VARIATIONS by Abigail Reynolds is a series of novels exploring the roads not taken in Pride & Prejudice.
- In this variation you watch as Elizabeth begins to understand Darcy more and he begins to understand her and her reasons for turning him down.

The Last Man in the World - "I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry." Elizabeth Bennet's furious response to Mr. Darcy's marriage proposal in Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice has resonated for generations of readers. But what if she never had a chance to say it? Would she learn to recognize Mr. Darcy's admirable qualities on her own? The Last Man in the World follows Elizabeth and Darcy as they struggle to find their way through the maze of their prejudices after Elizabeth, against her better judgment, agrees to marry Darcy instead of saying those famous words. Two of the most beloved characters in English literature explore the meaning of true love on a tumultuous journey to make a success of their marriage. THE PEMBERLEY VARIATIONS by Abigail Reynolds is a series of novels exploring the roads not taken in Pride & Prejudice.
- In this version you watch as Elizabeth and Darcy go through the traditional changes from the book only as a married couple. How they handle the Wickham incident and the ending is my favorite!

Without Reserve - What would have happened if Fitzwilliam Darcy faced a true rival for Elizabeth Bennet's affections? In a return to the world of Jane Austen, the plot of Pride & Prejudice takes a different turn when Elizabeth accepts the proposal of a childhood friend before she meets Darcy again. When their paths finally cross, Darcy must decide what he is willing to do to win the woman he loves. A heartwarming conclusion to this lively tale brings satisfaction to all of Austen's beloved characters. THE PEMBERLEY VARIATIONS by Abigail Reynolds is a series of novels exploring the roads not taken in Pride & Prejudice.
- This is not one of my favorites but it is still sweet.

The next two I want to read and will probably end up buying to do so will be From Lambton to Longbourn and Impulse and Initiative. She has a new version coming out in the near future that I am looking forward to as well.

She is definately on my list of regency authors that I enjoy!

White Lies and other Half Truths

Barbara Tiller Cole shines a comedic, sexy light on the characters of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, turning it into a delightful romp. Open the pages and take a look at maiden fears, the consequences of white lies, and the hope for redemption. If Fitzwilliam Darcy were alive today he would say, "If Jane Austen had written a Regency Sex Manual, this would be it!" Elizabeth Bennet would have said, "A fun, light, sexy yarn! What I would give to be taught by Professor Darcy!" Take a delightful journey with your beloved characters as you read this delightful farce!
Ok this was another random ass find on Amazon and as soon as I read the preview I knew I had to own it. Thus far of everyone I know who has attempted this piece of fiction I am the only one to actually finish it. It is complete and utter cheese. Funny as hell in places but cheese all the same.
It is a self pulbished book so it is utterly unpolished but oddly not detracting. The gist is that Lizzy opt's to tell Darcy a little white lie to escape him at the Netherfield ball by claiming a sprained ankle...all concerns are discussed and confessions made kisses exchanged and discovered by Mr. Bennet.
I am not going to go into great detail about the book but there are some very good things about it. Caroline is a nut who is obsessed with Orange. Mr. Collins meets a VERY amusing end. Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet work to improve their marriage. Mary is an author friends with Lady Caroline and Lord Byron. Col Fitzwilliam's father and Mr. Darcy's father were best friends with Mr. Bennet. Even Mr. Elton (from Emma) and Mr. Bertrum (from Mansfield) make an appearance.
Bottom line this is a relatively racy book in degrees but I knew I HAD to own it when I read the line Darcy had not been so embarassed since he got caught at 14 "pleasuring" himself...that mental image alone was worth it to me. Still cracks me up!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just because I can!

*squee* Oh my Firthness!!! *purrrrr*

The one and only TRUE Mr. Darcy!

My own Captain Wentworth!

I am fully aware that all thoughts on the above heroes are not going to be agreed upon, but since this is MY blog I can mush out over them all I want!!!
Eventually I am sure I will post the remaining leading men in Austen's novels, but as these are my favorites and the ones I have the most variations on...they come first!

Susan Kaye - Captain Wentworth

Ode to My Darling Captain Wentworth! There has been ever only been you!

This is a series I simply had to have as soon as I found it...and oh and I glad I got it!

The series starts with None but you, and begins in essentially the same location as Persuasion. The Laconia is about the be decommissioned and Cpt. Wentworth turned ashore. We get to see him make the announcement to Cpt. Benwick concerning poor Fanny Harville. We follow along his path as he goes to Kellynch and when he sees Anne and what happens in between. The story follows very very closely only from his point of view. You see how he feels when he hears tell of Anne turning down Charles and his repentance after Lyme.

Book two is For you alone, and takes up Cpt. Wentworth visiting his brother Edward and Edward's new wife. You get to see the brothers bond further with time spent together, and the Captain's mad dash to Bath. In Bath we get a snippit from Anne's view and the reconnection and proposal, etc.

I am not going to give much away that is not already obvious to those who have read Persuasion. I have a soft spot for this series because I have a soft spot for Persuasion. If you read these books I am sure you will enjoy them immensly!

Me and Mr. Darcy

Alexandra Potter
This is another one of those books that falls into the cheese category but one I love all the same. Essentially the book goes like this, Emily has decided off men after a series of very bad dates and would rather curl up with Pride and Prejudice and day dream about Mr. Darcy. Her best friend invites her on a vacation to Mexico for singles and Emily flees to a Austen tour in England where she meets..bum bum bum...Mr. Darcy...
The story is simple in that it follows P&P to a T. Emily sees and meets Spike Hargreaves a journalist who is sent to interview the party of tourists to find out WHY Mr. Darcy is the top voted man whom the women in the UK would love to go on a date with.
She sees him as a total Jackass and he sees her as a rather plain looking "American." Amid the various trips through England you get to actually meet Mr. Darcy with Emily and see her come to acknowledge that as a fantasy Mr. Darcy is ALL THAT but in reality he simply would not do!
I highly recommend this as a fast read and total fluff. I thoroughly enjoyed it even with the spectre of Darcy flitting in and out...
The characters change but the story...oh the story...remains the same!

Sharon Lathan Series

Ok so I have decided that my first Austen blog will be on the Sharon Lathan Series.

Book one is Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two shall become one...I bought this on impulse because I was pissed at Zach for dragging me to Busch Garden (obv reasons not requiring details) - anyway - as said, impulse purchase and first real delve into "romance." It is a sweet and romantic series. Her characters are based not only on the book but by the Keira Knightly version of the movie...and certain facts relay back to the movie rather than the book. The story takes place before the wedding with flashbacks to bits and pieces before and then continues on through the first few months of the wedding. There is a small bit of drama concerning Lord Ormon and a lot of IMPLIED sex. It is sweet how they continually reach RAPTURE together.

Book two is Loving Mr. Darcy: Journey's Beyond Pemberly...Essentially the same theme as book one - I love you, I love you, I love you...etc ;) You get to know more characters and get back to old ones. In book two you meet more of Darcy's family, Anne De Bourgh gets healthier and Lady Catherine finally "gets" that it is a love match nothing else. Mary Bennet even gets noticed by a junior solicitor which was just COOOOL! There is mild drama but mostly countless words of devotion.

Book three will be The Darcy's at Year's End: An amazing journey into love everlasting...and there will be a book four but those are not likely to come out until 2010.

So what are my feelings on this particular series...countless. I love the ideal of a perfect and passionate marriage between equals. I love the idea of their innate need and caring for each other. I personally could do without the endless vocalizations of their undying love for each other but I also admit that it would be based on my own jaded look on life right now.

I do recommend this series if for nothing else than the wistful sigh that WILL be expressed when ending the book by those of us that want our Mr. Darcy's. :) So here's a cyber cheers to Sharon Lathan and her sappy love story that is bound to leave you pleased... why you ask....because it's utter cheese! ;p


Ok just for clarification this particular blog will be dedicated to all that is Austen remakes - variations - twists - turns - and all around yumminess!