Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Me and Mr. Darcy

Alexandra Potter
This is another one of those books that falls into the cheese category but one I love all the same. Essentially the book goes like this, Emily has decided off men after a series of very bad dates and would rather curl up with Pride and Prejudice and day dream about Mr. Darcy. Her best friend invites her on a vacation to Mexico for singles and Emily flees to a Austen tour in England where she meets..bum bum bum...Mr. Darcy...
The story is simple in that it follows P&P to a T. Emily sees and meets Spike Hargreaves a journalist who is sent to interview the party of tourists to find out WHY Mr. Darcy is the top voted man whom the women in the UK would love to go on a date with.
She sees him as a total Jackass and he sees her as a rather plain looking "American." Amid the various trips through England you get to actually meet Mr. Darcy with Emily and see her come to acknowledge that as a fantasy Mr. Darcy is ALL THAT but in reality he simply would not do!
I highly recommend this as a fast read and total fluff. I thoroughly enjoyed it even with the spectre of Darcy flitting in and out...
The characters change but the story...oh the story...remains the same!

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