Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Susan Kaye - Captain Wentworth

Ode to My Darling Captain Wentworth! There has been ever only been you!

This is a series I simply had to have as soon as I found it...and oh and I glad I got it!

The series starts with None but you, and begins in essentially the same location as Persuasion. The Laconia is about the be decommissioned and Cpt. Wentworth turned ashore. We get to see him make the announcement to Cpt. Benwick concerning poor Fanny Harville. We follow along his path as he goes to Kellynch and when he sees Anne and what happens in between. The story follows very very closely only from his point of view. You see how he feels when he hears tell of Anne turning down Charles and his repentance after Lyme.

Book two is For you alone, and takes up Cpt. Wentworth visiting his brother Edward and Edward's new wife. You get to see the brothers bond further with time spent together, and the Captain's mad dash to Bath. In Bath we get a snippit from Anne's view and the reconnection and proposal, etc.

I am not going to give much away that is not already obvious to those who have read Persuasion. I have a soft spot for this series because I have a soft spot for Persuasion. If you read these books I am sure you will enjoy them immensly!

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