Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sharon Lathan Series

Ok so I have decided that my first Austen blog will be on the Sharon Lathan Series.

Book one is Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two shall become one...I bought this on impulse because I was pissed at Zach for dragging me to Busch Garden (obv reasons not requiring details) - anyway - as said, impulse purchase and first real delve into "romance." It is a sweet and romantic series. Her characters are based not only on the book but by the Keira Knightly version of the movie...and certain facts relay back to the movie rather than the book. The story takes place before the wedding with flashbacks to bits and pieces before and then continues on through the first few months of the wedding. There is a small bit of drama concerning Lord Ormon and a lot of IMPLIED sex. It is sweet how they continually reach RAPTURE together.

Book two is Loving Mr. Darcy: Journey's Beyond Pemberly...Essentially the same theme as book one - I love you, I love you, I love you...etc ;) You get to know more characters and get back to old ones. In book two you meet more of Darcy's family, Anne De Bourgh gets healthier and Lady Catherine finally "gets" that it is a love match nothing else. Mary Bennet even gets noticed by a junior solicitor which was just COOOOL! There is mild drama but mostly countless words of devotion.

Book three will be The Darcy's at Year's End: An amazing journey into love everlasting...and there will be a book four but those are not likely to come out until 2010.

So what are my feelings on this particular series...countless. I love the ideal of a perfect and passionate marriage between equals. I love the idea of their innate need and caring for each other. I personally could do without the endless vocalizations of their undying love for each other but I also admit that it would be based on my own jaded look on life right now.

I do recommend this series if for nothing else than the wistful sigh that WILL be expressed when ending the book by those of us that want our Mr. Darcy's. :) So here's a cyber cheers to Sharon Lathan and her sappy love story that is bound to leave you pleased... why you ask....because it's utter cheese! ;p

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