Thursday, January 28, 2010

Austenland - Shannon Hale

Please see amazon for blurb bec I can't cut and paste it and am too freaking lazy to type it all out. ;p
Ok the gist of the story is this...the main chick Jane is hung up on Mr. Darcy (obv who isn't) but is wholey ashamed of this fact and her great aunt as a parting gift in her will sends Jane on this exclusive vacation where she gets to play the part of a member of regency England. In doing so she discovers really is and meets her Mr. Darcy.
Now that I have thoroughly bored you with my stellar description skills, let me say this....I got a huge kick out of this book. Because there is an actual twist that is rather interesting that you don't find out in the end. Jane meets Mr. Nobley, an actor who is potraying a likeness to Mr. Darcy and in getting to know the "character" she discovers that she wants more than the fantasy but the real thing.
But my overall favorite part that had me cracking up (which is just sad for me) was the dedication:
"For Colin Firth...You're a really great guy, but I'm married, so I think we should just be friends."
Still gets me. After reading that when I downloaded the book I had already decided to buy it and obv having enjoyed it as much as I have I am glad that I did. Just got it yesterday :D
I definately recommend this one even if I am a shitty purveyor of plot! *wink*

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