Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reading List - for P&P variations

Ok so here is my reading list for P&P variations as currently waiting for them to arrive via the post or waiting for the next available pay day to purchase....All of which (with the exclusion of Jane Bites Back) are very Dirty Darcy other words...Naughty variations :D yup I'm a total perv and very proud of it too! ;D

Chance Encourters by Linda Wells - What would happen if Lizzy and Darcy met at the theater instead of an assembly?

Jane Bites Back - Michael Thomas Ford - A story of Jane Austen - Vampire!

My Dearest Mr. Darcy - Sharon Lathan - Book three in the series

My BFF - Ruth Phillip Oakland - What would happen if Lizzy and Darcy were just friends inspite of the incredible attraction they hold for the one another - modern day twist.

Really Angelic - Enid Wilson - Paranormal P&P variation and I CANNOT wait...loved her take with Bargain with the getting this one next!

Also included but not listed with cover art - Fate and Consequences by Linda Wells, A Perfect fit by Linda Wells, Lost in Austen by Emma Campbell Webster, Pride/Prejudice: A novel of Mr. Darcy Elizabeth and their other loves by Ann Heredeen...


  1. Thanks Jenn for mentioning my book. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. As I totally loved Bargain with the Devil and everything on your site, I am sure that I will!