Friday, January 8, 2010

My BFF - Ruth Phillip Oakland

When Control Freaks Collide... Brilliant, handsome and born into a world of class and wealth, Fitzwilliam Darcy learned early that giving your heart came with a price even he could not afford to pay. Musical prodigy Elizabeth Bennet used the ghosts of her past to scare away all chances for love in her future. Sparks fly when they meet; but will Darcy and Elizabeth crash and burn, or can they overcome their fears through an unusual relationship and find a way to happily ever after?
Ok so I read a lot of the reviews on Amazon before I took the plunge and bought this book. I liked the blurb and the idea behind the plot. What I found in the reviews was interesting...some liked it some found the subject of sex too much, one reviewer even went so far as to complain about the mention of Darcy's "groin tightening" and his materbatory scenes....which for me was part of the appeal, because honestly, who wouldn't love the idea of Darcy wanking it! :D So yeah after reading the reviews I was all prepared for an over abundance of sex, masterbation scenes, and more sex. DIDN'T HAPPEN! There was all of ONE and I mean ONE scene where Darcy is going to town on himself....which was just as funny to me as I hoped, and the only other major mention of his habit was when he was a bit drunk and bitching about the size of personal lube tubes being only 3 all in all everything concerning sex was tasteful and less graphic than watching an R rated movie.
Now as for the plot. Darcy didn't majorly offend Lizzy in this as in other renditions because he didn't debase her looks, he and his cousin Geoff (No worries Col Richard Fitz is in the book too) are commenting on how "foxy" she is and she hears it. Appropriate apologies are quickly made and an overwhelming attraction ignites...but they decide after bits of personal information get out that right or wrong they should be friends instead. So the first half of the story is Darcy and Lizzy becoming "BFF's" (yes utter cheese that!) We also get to know the other characters and any and all supporting characters are named from Austen's other books. Harville, Wentworth, Benwick are all in security. Charles Hayter is Darcy's assistant. The Bertrum's, Brandon, Ferrar's, Dashwood's etc...hell to my every lasting delight Mr. Edward Rochester got a play!
The villians were so for various reasons, obv Wickham because he felt he got shafted from the Darcy fortune. His cousin Rebecca Wickham wanted to eternally mess with Darcy after their affair ended 7 years prior. Lady Catherine was par fore as in almost every book she is a total bitch. Caroline Bingley actually turned out well she was overbearing but not manipulative at all. Mr. Collins or Billy Ray Collins was superb in his villiany bec we don't meet him until the end. Frannie Bennet is a bad guy in this case because after a car accident she suffers from enough brain damage to not know right from after meeting her you realize she is essentially nuts....
But it all worked out in the end and lived happily ever after.
I do recommend reading this as I plowed through it in a day....Def cute book!


  1. I loved this book too! Your review was right on! I hope this author writes more, her Darcy was definitely very sexy!

  2. RIGHT?! I loved this book so much...very glad that I bought it and plan to keep an eye out for any others as well! :D